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National Projects


The Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) Project aims to improve road safety in the country and the establishment of an accurate and uniform road accident data collection mechanism. NICSI & IIT Madras have been jointly entrusted to carry out the design, Development, Training, and implementation of the iRAD project, along with research & analysis activities. The implementation of the iRAD project with the support and coordination of stakeholders like the Police Department, RTO Department, Highway authority, and the Health Department is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India.


A national platform for school education, DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) is a project of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), under the aegis of the Ministry of Education (MoE), GoI. DIKSHA can be accessed by learners and teachers across the country and currently supports 36 Indian languages.

National Knowledge Network

The National Knowledge Network (NKN) project aims to build a strong and resilient Indian network that will be capable of providing secure and consistent connectivity. The National Knowledge Network (NKN), which has a multi-gigabit capability and an ultra-high speed core with multiple 2.5/10G to 40/100Gbps, aims to inter-connect all knowledge and research institutions nationwide.

NIC Cloud Services

NIC Cloud was designed with cutting-edge technology, security features, generic architecture, and a simple user interface to host your websites, portals, and web applications independently with speed and scalability. It ensures optimal infrastructure utilization and accelerates the implementation of eGovernment applications.


GePNIC, an e-Procurement software system, was created by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India to meet the needs of government departments and organisations for procurement and tendering. The e-Procurement System enables the tenderers to submit their bids online through this portal after downloading the Tender Schedule. Since the system is generic in design, it is simple for the entire government to adopt it for all types of procurement operations, including those for goods, services.


e-Hospital is an open-source health information management system (HMIS) with multi-tenancy support that is configurable and easily customizable. It is intended for use in cloud infrastructure to manage multiple hospitals in real-time. e-Hospital is a generic application that addresses all of a hospital's major functional areas. It is an End-to-end workflow-based HL compliant and ISO/IEC 9126 certified solution Software for hospital administration that covers the entire OPD/IPD treatment cycle as well as integrated, clinical, administrative, and billing/insurance activities.


The eOffice product aims to support governance by ushering in more effective and transparent inter and intra-government processes. The vision of e-Office is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working of all government offices. The Open Architecture on which eOffice has been built, makes it a reusable framework and a standard reusable product amenable to replication across the governments, at the central, state and district levels. The product brings together the independent functions and systems under a single framework.


e-Vidhan is a sophisticated e-governance solution that fully automates the legislative assembly's operation and significantly reduces paper usage through online communication. The digital transformation through the implementation of e-Vidhan is a significant Administrative Reform to enhance faster and more transparent governance.

Other Major Projects