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Our Offerings

The CoE proposes to provide world class Data Analytics services to Government in an efficient and secure manner through its repository of world class tools and technologies and provide them as services. The technology stack will be enhanced and refined as the new demands and new requirements emerge.

As part of its service offerings, it will help the departments

  • To define their analytic needs
  • Identify the data sets that are required to meet the analytic needs
  • Determine access to the relevant data sources (both within as well as outside the government)
  • Build the required data analytic solutions
  • In sharing the data in a secured manner
  • In integrating departmental data silos and deliver an integrated whole-of- government analytics for an integrated policy formulation

In particular, the CoE will offer the following services to Government:

1. Data Quality Assessment Services

This would be the most needed and most necessary step in the data analytics journey of a department. The CoE will provide data profiling tools and techniques and necessary expertise to analyse the data for quality issues so that the data can be appropriately cleansed before it is used for further analytics.

2. Custom-built Data Analytic Solutions

Analytic solutions that are specific to a particular problem which may relate to a single or a combination of departments or government programmes and may include integration of data sets across departments/programmes

3. Pre-built Domain-specific Data Analytic Solutions

This will be one of the many USPs of the CoE. The CoE will build Data Analytic solutions that address a generic data analytics problem that is prevalent across departments or States. An example is that of State Government Treasury. Because of the common requirements of the domain, a domain-specific analytic solution will be built. Such a solution will then be made available to other States as a pre-built analytic solution that can be operationalized for the new States at a much faster rate with only some data transformation that will be required to be done. Such solutions will be time and cost effective and will take the departments across the country to a whole new level in data analytics at a much faster rate.

4. Social Media Analytics Platform

Because of more serious engagement of the Government departments with citizens through social media, an analytics platform that meets the need of the departments to analyze citizens’ responses and sentiments quickly by configuring certain parameters will be made available.

5. Self Service Analytics

Besides the above services, the CoE will also enable departments to do self-service analytics by simplifying the data in a manner in which an administrator can use it with minimum technical support or at best with support from the attached NIC unit. A powerful self-service analytics tool will also be provided to enable the departments to do such analysis and data visualization on their own.

6. Analytics On Mobile

Mobile provides a great advantage to officials in that it is an instrument which is always available with them.Making use of its ubiquity,  it is proposed to make relevant analytic solutions available to officials on the mobile so that data and analysis are always available with them even when they are mobile(particularly when they are in meetings)

Our Offerings