Please check below link to know more about how to generate proposal.

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PIs are based on type of items. If in single request multiple type of items like Manpower, Hardware and Network items are requested, three  PIs will be generated and you will be getting these one by one.

If requested item is not available under Nicsi rate contract offer is made for mapped item under current rate contract.

E.g. 'Sr. Programmer under Project Management Support Level 4 for Region-1' is mapped to 'Software Application Support Level 4 for Region-1'

Please refer to 'Projects' section under our website www.nicsi.com giving details of Project Managers for your region/organisation.

Please note that 7.5350% is not NICSI charges , NICSI charges are still 7% ,Please find below how 7% becomes 7.5350% due to the reason explained below the table:
The increase in unit price is due to applicability of  SBC @0.5% w.e.f. 15-11-2015. As input credit for SBC is not available as per Point No 3, Govt Notification No. 02/2016-CE(N.T.), Dated 03/02/2016,(Copy of notification attached) SBC is applicable at each point of sale. Accordingly, NICSI’s buying price gets increased by 0.5% and which becomes cost to NICSI as per Section 67, Explanation (a)(ii) and (c) to Section 67 of the Finance Act 1994.(Extract of section 67 of Finance Act 1994 attached)

Rates on website are inclusive of all taxes and Nicsi Operating margin of 7%.

For example for goods VAT @5% is applicable. i.e. for  empanelled  price of Rs 10000/-, Basic price on PI will be Rs 10700/- (Rs 10000 (Basic Price) + Rs 700 ( Nicsi Operating Margin @7%)) and Website price will be Rs 11235 (Rs10700/-  + Rs 535 ( Vat @ 5%).

Similarly for services, Taxes applicable are Service Tax @14%, SBC @0.5%, KKC @0.5% i.e. for empanelled price of Rs 10000/- , Basic price on PI will be Rs. 10753.5 ( Rs.10000 + Rs 50( SBC as input credit is not available)+ Rs 703.5( Nicsi Operating Margin @7%)

Website price will be  Rs 12366.53 ( Rs.10753.5(Basic Price) + Rs 1505.49 (Service Tax @14%) + Rs 53.77 ( SBC @0.5%) + Rs 53.77 ( KBC @0.5%))

This is based on rate contract for that category. Currently, vendors can discount up to 30% of empanelled rate. Empannelled rate equals Basic rate/1.07535 for 7% Nicsi Operating Margin.
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